The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Recap – 3-9


Colbert’s great week continues. After he shared a couple of sensual kisses with Dame Helen Mirren, Wednesday’s show welcomed famed actress Sally Field and actor Jerrod Carmichael. Unfortunately, Tuesday’s show had The Hungry for Power Games, but Wednesday still brought plenty of laughs. Here’s the full recap.


Colbert kicked off the show talking about Kraft macaroni and cheese. Apparently, they’re going natural which was met with plenty of boos from the crowd. As Colbert put it, he wasn’t aware a package of dust could be even slightly natural. He says he wants the good old artificial mac and cheese again. Colbert’s monologues are well-implemented. Their brief and talk about something light hearted before he heads to the desk to talk current events and politics.

To the Desk

Colbert didn’t go right into his desk bit. He stayed on the mac and cheese news for awhile. He asked Jon Batiste and his producer what they thought about the news. They didn’t seem to be big fans. Wednesday’s desk was about Obama’s recent physical in which it was reported that he has grown half an inch. Colbert is stunned by the news, as it makes absolutely no sense for a 55-year-old man to have grown half an inch. But Colbert didn’t stay on that topic for too long. He moved on to the unofficial dog mascot of the Milwaukee Brewers named Hank. A blogger is reporting that Hank was replaced without any type of the announcement of the original Hank’s death. The front office even had to make a statement saying that it was the real, original Hank. Colbert concluded by saying that nobody is replacing the president or the Milwaukee Brewers mascot.

The Guests

Sally Field

Sally one-upped Helen Mirren by planting a huge smooch when she hit the stage. Colbert told her he had a crush on her when he was younger and it had just been revived in a…large way. She’s there to promote her new movie Hello, My name is Dorris. She plays an older lady who falls for a younger man. The two had a conversation about some of the talk about a few kisses shared in the movie.

After the break Sally talked about how she was a bit of a loner growing up. Colbert showed a picture of her on the homecoming court. She said she thinks she was voted there because she was always in the drama department and she thinks they voted because they liked her last performance. Colbert complimented her on being a sex symbol. She laughed about it, but said she accepts it. That went into a brief conversation about politics. Field said that she’s a long time supporter of Clinton.

Jerrod Carmichael

Colbert congratulated Jerrod about his upcoming HBO comedy special and his new television show. Colbert and Carmichael are both from the Carolinas, so they shared some stories about growing up in that area. They then talked about politics, and Jerrod said he does like the idea of Trump’s wall. It’s not because he’s anti Mexico, but he’s pro wall. He said walls are amazing and that’s why we have them in our homes. As he put it, “you wouldn’t tear down a wall in your home so a neighbor could wonder in.” From there, the two talked relationships. Jerrod has an interesting belief structure about relationships and being faithful. According to him, if you’re in a high tax bracket, you earn the right to cheat on your significant other.

The episode concluded with a performance from Esperanza Spalding. Tune in tomorrow when Colbert welcomes Anna Kendrick and U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch.