The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Recap – 3-3


Fallon’s week moved on with two decent guests. They aren’t quite Steve Martin or Tina Fey who were on earlier in the week, but still pretty solid. The Voice’s Pharrell Williams stopped by along with Priyanka Chopra from ABC’s Quantico. There was a wing eating contest. Here’s the full recap.


Since it’s the week of Super Tuesday, there’s plenty of political talk going around the late night scene. Fallon hasn’t quite reached Colbert levels of political commentary, but there’s plenty of political humor in his monologues. The talking point of the week is Mitt Romney’s big speech speaking out against Donald Trump. Fallon got some jokes in about Romney’s comments and the fact that he didn’t reach the white house. Google search traffic for “how to move to Canada” spiked after the Super Tuesday’s election results, so Jimmy was able to make some jokes about that wild tidbit.

Joke of the Monologue: “Astronaut Scott Kelly reportedly grew two inches while in space because the vertebrae can stretch without being pushed by gravity. That explains why Kevin Hart’s next five movies will be shot in space.”

To the Desk

The new Tonight Show TGIF Theme

This was teased earlier in the week. The legendary composer of all the TGIF sitcom themes agreed to make a TGIF-style theme for The Tonight Show. Here’s the amazing result:

Tonight Show Hashtags

Thursday always means it’s time for Tonight Show Hashtags. This week’s topic was #MySiblingisWeird. Here are the best of the night.

The Guests

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell showed off his new blonde hair. He said he likes to change it up and every few years he does it. Pharrell loves coming on the show because of the entertaining nature of The Tonight Show. He watched the TGIF theme from the back and loved it. He was a fan of that style of sitcom. The two had a conversation about the different decades of music and television and discussed some of their favorites. Eventually they talked about NBC’s The Voice. Pharrell says he hates how he feels dorky when goes back to watch some of the advice footage he gives his team. He says it makes him look pretentious, and that’s not exactly how he wants to come off.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka talked about her upcoming role in the Baywatch reboot that is coming soon. David Hasselhoff and Zach Efron are going to be a part of it, so that should be interesting. She said India loves Fallon. Live shows aren’t there, but reruns air on the Indian Comedy Central. She taught Fallon to say “thank you for your support” in her native tongue. She ended the interview talking about her current show Quantico. One of her favorite things about New York is the food. She’s a big fan of wings, so the two had a wing eating contest.

Priyanka Chopra Wing Eating Contest

Priyanka is a big fan of wings, so she challenged Fallon to a super hot wing eating contest. Whoever eats the most wings in 20 seconds wins. It looked unpleasant. Check it out below.

The episode concluded with a performance from the legendary Loretta Lynn. Tune back in on Friday when Jimmy welcomes guests Gwyneth Paltrow and Tyler Oakley.