The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Recap – 3-2


With Super Tuesday in the books, all the late night talk shows were all about politics. The entire monologue was dedicated to political news. Then Tina Fey showed up to bring some strong laughs and a new game. Here’s a full recap of how Wednesday’s show went down.


Wednesday’s monologue was all about yesterday’s Super Tuesday results. It looks like it’s going to be Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump for the Presidency. Jimmy said it best: “even Alien and Predator were like, ‘this is too scary to watch.’ The video that video that has been circulating around the internet has been Chris Christie behind Trump during his victory speech last night. Christie looks less than thrilled to be there. Jimmy got some laughs after showing the clip. Moving onto Hillary, Fallon poked fun that she got 66.6% of the votes in one of the states. That set up some banter about the mark of the beast. Ben Carson is somehow still in the race. Jimmy played an untouched clip of him speaking and barely opening his eyes. It was a politically charged monologue, but that’s to be expected.

To the Desk

Trump Speech

Fallon has been working on his Trump impression this year. It’s always easy getting laughs when you’re mocking a racist buffoon. Fallon spoofed Trump’s recent victory speech after Super Tuesday. Check out the segment below.

The Guests

Tina Fey

Tina got a deserved standing ovation when she hit the stage. Jimmy congratulated her on a recent event she organized honoring SNL’s Lorne Michaels. Friend of The Tonight Show Audra McDonald also helped with the event. The two brought up Whisky Tango Foxtrot pretty quickly. Fallon praised Fey for her work in the movie. She said as a producer on the movie she was able to handpick her love interest in Martin Freeman. She said he fit her type as “travel size.” She added that she doesn’t know why she’s like that. It’s just the way it is. To conclude the interview, the two talked about how the movie was dedicated to her late father who was in the military, as well as a journalist.

Know it All

Know it All is brand new game for Jimmy to play with his guests. Here’s how the game works: It’s a 1-on-1 game where the two guests face off against each other. There are various categories on the board and the two contestants have to go take turns naming things on those categories. For example, a category was “dog breeds.” So Tina and Rachel had to go back and forth naming dog breeds until one couldn’t. It’s a solid game with high production value. (We’ll add the clip once it’s added to Fallon’s YouTube page.)

Rachel Maddow

Maddow has been up all night covering Super Tuesday and all of its details. She said there’s no reason to sleep since this is like political Christmas. Fallon asked her if there were any surprises last night. She said the only sort-of surprise was that it looked like John Kasich was going to win Vermont early in the night, but it turned out he didn’t. She also talked about the Republican National Convention potentially giving the nomination to someone else; another republican candidate. It would be unprecedented since Trump is the clear winner of the party. She added that it’s not over for Bernie Sanders. He has the most money in his campaign when compared to Hillary or any republican candidate. There was plenty to talk about and Rachel laid out all the info quite well.

The episode concluded with a performance from Santigold. It was an interesting performance from an artist I wasn’t aware of. Tune back in tomorrow when Fallon welcomes guests Pharrell Williams and Priyanka Choopra.