The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Recap – 2-23


Tuesday’s episode of The Tonight Show welcomed Kevin Spacey and Bill and Melinda Gates. Spacey is always up for Tonight Show shenanigans like bits and sketches. The two did a recurring bit called Kid Theater, which was one of the best bits of the year so far. Here’s a full recap of Tuesday’s episode.


Like so many Tonight Shows before Tuesday’s episode, the monologue kicked off with some political banter. It was fitting for Tuesday since Kevin Spacey stopped by to talk about House of Cards. The candidates are in Nevada awaiting this week’s primary. Ben Carson has said it’s too early to give up even though he’s in last place. The punchline: “even the old lady at the slot machine said, ‘this is just depressing.'” It was a brief monologue to make room for some antics with Spacey, who’s always up for some Tonight Show fun.

Joke of the monologue: “The Cuban government just returned a U.S. missile that was sent to Europe for training, but was accidentally to Cuba. The good news is that the missile was returned to America. The bad news is: that can happen!”

To the Desk

Pros and Cons

Jimmy is back to L.A. That means it’s back to some of the bits that aren’t his greatest, and are just good to fill some time. Tuesday’s Pros and Cons were about The Academy Awards. Here are some of the best.

Pro: It’s two hour son excitement glamour, and suspense!
Con: Followed by another three hours.

Pro: It’s black tie only.
Con: It’s white guy only.

Pro: Winning the oscar and thanking your family.
Con: Losing the oscar and turning to your family to say, “this is YOUR fault.”

The Guests

Kevin Spacey 

Spacey started the interview by answering some questions about a recent health scare. On Christmas Day he had a sudden loss of hearing in his right ear. He went to the doctor who checked him out, and then asked him if he knew he had a broken nose. Spacey was puzzled how that could be considering he had no recollection of breaking his nose. The doc asked him if there was anything recently that could’ve happened. He knew exactly what caused it. He was overacting (his words) on stage as the hunchback of Notre Dame and was waving a cane around wildly and hit himself in the nose. He can only breath through one nostril for four years. Moving on, he just joined Instagram and took a selfie with Fallon. He pulled out his iPhone for the photo. He has the special Apple battery case. Moving on to promotion, he was actually on the show to promote his acting class. is the website. Anybody can go online and get it.

Master Class Junior

This bit was like kid theater where kids write what they think is the plot of an actor’s recent project is. He did a bit with Tom Hanks where kids wrote in about what they though Bridge of Spies was. This time, kids wrote the plot of House of Cards, but where also judged by children. The bit was one of the best of the year. Check it out below.

Bill and Melinda Gates

Fallon welcomed the couple to thank and congratulate them on their charitable contributions with It was a short interview, but one that concluded with a pre-recorded bit that came out of nowhere. They were there to promote, so Jimmy produced a wild video of Bill spinning turntables and Melinda busing moves on the dance floor. It was certainly surprising. Check it out below.

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The episode concluded with a performance from Kygo, who is the first artist to reach one billion streams on Spotify. I guess it makes me old that I have no idea who he is. Bummer. Check back tomorrow for a recap of Wednesday’s episode when Jimmy welcomes Taraji P. Henson.