Jimmy Fallon in Los Angeles – Day 4 Recap


Hump day is over, and Fallon is in the home stretch for his week in Los Angeles. He improvised on Wednesday when Snoop Dogg was a no-show thanks to L.A. traffic. Instead Jay Leno, who was there to help with the monologue, sat in as the second guest. Thursday welcomed Vince Vaughn and Ryan Seacrest. Here’s the full recap.


Rather than the usual topic of politics, Jimmy kicked off the monologue with some chatter about The Pope. Apparently he scolded a crowd that accidentally caused him to fall. The Pope topic quickly transitioned to Donald Trump and their recent feud. The joke was about Trump claiming he was a good christian because of how many carpenters he has named Jesus. Ted Cruz became the punchline later when Jimmy played a clip of “singing” Stevie Wonder at a recent town hall. It wasn’t the best. Quest was not feeling it.

Joke of the Monologue: “Bernie Sanders is getting support from students at Hillary Clinton’s alma mater Wellesley College. Now Hillary is trying to get support from Bernie’s alma mater, Jurassic Park.”

To the Desk

Tonight Show Suggestion Box

The Tonight Show Suggestion Box is always a good excuse for Jimmy and company to get silly. The premise is simple: the staff writes fictitious suggestions from the audience and Jimmy comes up with ridiculous ways to answer them. For example, someone asked if a dog and a cat can be romantic. Drew Carey and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar even showed up to help with the segment.  Here’s the full bit:

The Guests

Vince Vaughn

Vince sat down to talk about a show he’s producing. He’s the producer of F is for Family on Netflix. But Vince was there to win Box of Lies. He said Jimmy is doing the interview just so he can collect intel on how he acts and use it to win at Box of Lies. He claims Fallon is undefeated and he’s there to take him down. Eventually he got past the topic of Box of Lies and moved on to ESPN’s 30 For 30. Vince is doing one of those documentary episodes on the Super Bowl Shuffle Chicago Bears.

Box of Lies

Box of Lies is another one of Fallon’s signature bit. Jimmy and the guest face off in trying to stump each other. They open pre-packaged boxes and lie or tell the truth about its contents. Vince Vaughn took it more seriously than anyone else on the has ever taken it. Check out the clip in its entirety below.

Ryan Seacrest

Seacrest came out talking about the game of Box of Lies. He said it was the funniest thing he’s ever seen. Vince studied tape on Jimmy. Jimmy asked Ryan Seacrest if he ever wanted to be a performer on stage. He said not really, but he used to be a huge Bon Jovi fan. Jimmy surprised him with a clip from his youth of him in his living room lip-synching a Bon Jovi song. Jimmy got the footage from Seacrest’s sister. Ryan looked genuinely surprised.

The Thursday episode concluded with a performance from John Mayer and the Grateful Dead, also known as Dead and Company. Tune back in tonight when Jimmy’s final L.A. show welcomes Bryan Cranston, Demi Lovato and The Weeknd.