Jimmy Fallon in Los Angeles – Day 3 Recap


Jimmy Fallon graced the massive Los Angeles stage for the third day of the week on Wednesday. He’s been bringing out the big sketches for his West Coast week. Wednesday show had his signature “Ew!” sketch featuring Jennifer Lopez. He welcomed Jay Leno, and fit in a game of Password. Here’s the full recap.


Jimmy kicked off some conversation about The Pope, which turned out to be a joke about The Pope being Donald Trump in disguise. He shifted attention to Hillary who recently had a coughing fit during a speech that lasted for four minutes. The crowd apparently chanted her name while she opened a cough drop. Jimmy joked that she got applause for choking, or as Jeb said, “must be nice.”

In a crazy twist, Jimmy tagged in an old friend. He’s done this before. Jimmy pretends to pull something during a joke and has to tag someone in. That somebody was Tonight Show legend Jay Leno. Jay brought back his quick standup with rapid punchlines about politics and current events. He really hasn’t missed a step. Check out his work during the monologue below.

To The Desk


Jimmy is bringing out all the big guns for his week in Los Angeles. He did Tight Pants on Monday. He did True Confessions on Tuesday. Wednesday was time for Ew! with special guest Jennifer Lopez. Ew! has never been my favorite of Jimmy’s signature sketches, but it’s always pretty great to see celebrities act like tween brats in the sketch. Plus, Jimmy’s stepdad played by the show’s head writer always steals the show. Check out the latest version of Ew! in the clip below.

The Guests

Jennifer Lopez

Jimmy kicked off the interview to talk about her residency in Las Vegas. Reviews of her show have been excellent. She said it’s been the most fun set of shows she’s ever done. It’s at the Planet Hollywood. She’s also there to promote her new show on NBC called Shades of Blue staring Lopez and Ray Liotta. The interview was brief to make room for Leno’s standup, Ew and eventually a game of Password.


It’s popular and bash Fallon for his game-playing antics on The Tonight Show, but the games he plays with celebs are always fun to watch. Seeing Hollywood’s celebs out of their scripted comfort zones is refreshing. Password is one of the better games that Jimmy plays with his guests. This round of the game had Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy vs. Questlove and Khloe Kardashian. Check out the game below.

Snoop Dogg

This was not a joke. Snoop Dogg got stuck in traffic on his way to The Tonight Show and couldn’t make it. Instead, Fallon brought Jay Leno back out to have a conversation with him. Jay came out and said he was actually at the gate to leave the studio, and the producer came running out to stop him to see if he could come back in. Jay told a funny story of when he started in comedy. A comedy club spelled his name wrong by spelling it “Jay L. No.” The club owner knew he spelled the name wrong, but had to do it because the marquis ran out of the letter “E.” He then shared the story of being the host of the Nobel Prize Ceremony. The people who organized it aren’t the most comedy savvy group, according to Jay.

The episode concluded with an exclusive performance of a new song from Zayn, formerly of One Direction. The crowd went absolutely bonkers when he was introduced. The performance was a tad overproduced as his voice was drowned out by background singers and the music. Oh well. Tune back in tomorrow for when Jimmy welcomes Vince Vaughn and Ryan Seacrest.