Jimmy Fallon in Los Angeles – Day 1 Recap


Jimmy Fallon’s Los Angeles based Tonight Show’s are something special. He treats them like a major event, and brings in the huge A-list stars who reside there. The first night of the week was no exception, as it welcomed Will Ferrell Christina Aguilera, 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne and more! Here’s the recap of Monday night’s episode.

Cold Open:

Like Fallon’s Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire spoof, the cold open to kick off the week was a pitch perfect recreation of LL Cool J’s “Going Back to Cali” music video. The Roots, Hashtag the Panda and even LL Cool J stepped in to help out with the spoof. Check it out below. Well done to all involved.


The crowd was amped to be a part of Fallon’s L.A. Tonight Show, as it took them longer than usual to calm them down. Jimmy kicked off a joke about leaving temperature in the 30’s for a place where no one admits they’re in their 30’s. President Obama visited L.A. recently and apparently visited Will Smith. Fallon joked that not to be outdone, Joe Biden spent all day learning how to do the Carlton. The Grammy’s were also going on in L.A. The tagline was “Witness Greatness,” not to be confused with the Oscar’s tagline “Witness Whiteness.”

To The Desk

It’s almost become a Tonight Show tradition for the Fallon era. When he returns to Los Angeles, he jumps through the Randy’s Donuts Donut. Sure enough, the crew wheeled out a huge inflatable Donut and a trampoline. Fallon did a full front flip through the hole. Way to stick the landing!

Tight Pants

Fallon hasn’t done Tight Pants in a really long time. I think the last time he did it was with Jennifer Lopez. He’s done it with Ferrell before, and they duo brought it back for Los Angeles. Christina Aguilera joined them this time. They came out dancing in their tight pants before the the joyful dancing turned sour. It’s one of the strangest bits Ferrell does, but it always makes me smile. Check out the clip below.

The Guests

Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell did the whole interview in his tight pants outfit. Hilarious! Ferrell wanted to talk about the ridiculous premise behind the sketch. Of course, it makes no sense. Jimmy told him he almost broke during the bit because he saw the same face Ferrell made during the famous SNL More Cowbell sketch. Will said he was excited to be on what he called “The First Tonight Show.” He said he thought the first two years were practice shows. Fallon congratulated Will on owning a portion of the L.A. soccer team. I didn’t know he got in on that action. Good for him. He owns it along with Magic Johnson, Mia Hamm and other celebs.

Christina Aguilera 

Jimmy greeted Christina by talking about her last appearance when she did Wheel of Musical Impressions. It remains one of Jimmy’s most viewed bits. Jimmy pivoted to Grammy talk and some of her first Grammy memories. She said she never thought she was going to win, she didn’t have a stylist and she was tucked away in the nosebleed seats. She went on to win the award for Best New Artist. Like many Tonight Show interviews, the two got to talking about family. She mentioned the hobbies of her two boys.

The show ended with a performance from 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne. It closed the show with a bang. Check back tomorrow for a recap of Tuesday’s show when Jimmy welcomes Ronda Rousey and Pitbull.