The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Recap – 2-11


Thursday marked Fallon’s last show in New York before the crew packs up for Los Angeles next week. Fallon ended the week with a bang thanks to comical guests Kristen Wiig and Bob Odenkirk.


Fallon kicked off the monologue talking about the New Hampshire primary. Donald Trump is saying the unemployment rate may be as high as 42%. Fallon claimed that may be close considering Clinton just fired her whole campaign staff. Trump also took aim at Jeb for bringing his mother into his campaign to comment about the boisterous candidate. Jimmy did a clever bit about the nominees having it out on their Facebook walls. It was a pretty short monologue to make room for bits with his guests.

Joke of the monologue: “During the republican primary, John Kasich said that he can handle attacks by Donald Trump saying, ‘I’m not going to sit there like I’m a marshmallow while somebody pounds me.’ Chris Christie responded with, ‘Is anyone as turned on as I am?”

To the Desk

Freestying with The Roots

It’s Thursday, but that doesn’t mean it’s time for the weekly hashtags. Instead, it’s time for Freestyling with The Roots. In this recurring bit, Jimmy talks to members of the audience, learns some facts about then and puts The Roots to the freestyling test. They come up with a rap about the audience member on the spot. They always nail it. Check out the clip below.

Jimmy welcomes “Peyton Manning”

In a bit that’s become a bit of a tradition when Kristen Wiig stops by, Jimmy made the surprise announcement that a famous athlete was in the house: none other than Peyton Manning. Except it wasn’t Peyton Manning. Peyton was on Wednesday’s show. Instead, Kristen Wig comes out as herself without trying to fool anyone. This time she came out in full pads and a Broncos uniform. It basically shows off her excellent improv skills. The bit is so absurd, but it always makes me laugh. Check it out below.

The Guests

Kristen Wiig

The Peyton bit had a clear end point after Jimmy surprised Wiig by requesting to see her throwing accuracy. He had her attempt to throw a football through an impossibly small hole. Not the case. The bit continued after the break. Wiig promoted Zoolander 2 as Peyton Manning, which was bizarre to say the least. And that was her whole appearance. Kristen Wiig didn’t actually appear on the show as herself. It was all the Peyton Manning bit. Interesting approach.

Bob Odenkirk

The funny and talented actor Bob Odenkirk hit the stage to promote his hit AMC show Better Call Saul. He joked about being a terrible celebrity claiming he gets complaints from TMZ. He doesn’t do drugs, he doesn’t party, he just doesn’t do anything. He claimed he even hired an entourage. A group was set backstage watching his appearance. It was just a group of middle-aged white guys in sweaters. About Better Call Saul, Bob says people who didn’t get watch season 1 can still tune in for season 2. He said he can describe all of season 1 in one minute. He failed conclusively when he started talking about Malcolm in the Middle  and then Game of Thrones. 

The episode concluded with a performance by Elle King. And that does it for Fallon this week. NBC will air a Valentines Day special that recaps that last two year’s of The Tonight Show. Be sure to tune in for that. Tune in next week when we’ll have recaps of his week in Los Angeles.