The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Recap – 2-10


It’s like it’s Zoolander 2 week on this week’s Fallon. Monday welcomed Ben Stiller, Wednesday had Penelope Cruz and Thursday welcomes Kristen Wiig. It’s also probably the only show where Super Bowl champ Peyton Manning and Magic Johnson are second and third tier guests. Despite coming out toward the end of the show, they still stole it with a game of Egg Russian Roulette. Here’s the full recap.


Fallon hyped the crowd by announcing Peyton Manning would be stopping by. He worked in a joke about not having to run any commercials thanks to all the plugs Peyton was going to work into his appearance. The monologue quickly got into political territory when he mentioned that Arnold Schwarzenegger endorsed republican nominee John Kasich. That was a solid excuse to show how all the other nominees are similar to The Terminator. Some of those similarities were better than others. He then played a clip compilation of newscasters botching Bernie Sanders’ name. I’d vote for “Bernie Sandwiches.”

To the desk

Jimmy kicked things off with a pre-recorded bit of his brand new Bernie Sanders impression. It was Jimmy dressed like Bernie addressing his voters in New Hampshire. When you’re used to Larry David, I don’t know if anything can compare. Check out the clip below.

The Guests

Penelope Cruz

Jimmy mentioned that Penelope cut his cheek thanks to an earring she wore when they greeted each other before the show. Penelope quickly got into Zoolander 2 talk. She talked a bit about her character and having fun around the set with Will Ferrell, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. They played a clip from the show, then had some fun with an app called Dub Smash where the user lip-syncs songs or movie scenes. Those clips can then be shared with the world. Jimmy and Penelope lip-synced a song from Frozen. 

Peyton Manning

Peyton came out to a standing ovation. Jimmy’s first question was about Eli manning’s infamous face. He says he thinks Eli was analyzing the game like Peyton was. Then the two had some fun with a cardboard cutout of the Eli face. They took turns sharing great news while the camera cut to the dumbfounded look on Eli’s face. Poor Eli. Peyton surprised Jimmy with his own round of Tonight Show Superlatives. Jimmy always loves to rip into the NFL players featured on Sunday Night Football. Wednesday was Peyton’s turn to return to favor for Jimmy. Some of the Broncos helped out with some of the material.

Magic Johnson

The Wednesday sports night continued as Magic Johnson followed Peyton Manning. Peyton stuck around for the interview, as the two made Jimmy look like he’s about five feet tall. Magic gave big props to Peyton for his style of play and being a team leader. Magic said he love to see him come to the new L.A. Rams.

Egg Russian Roulette 

In the most star studded game of Egg Russian Roulette, Peyton faced off against Magic Johnson. It was great to see the two athletes have some fun with some Jimmy Fallon shenanigans. Check out the clip below.

The episode ended with a performance from Halsey. Check Last Night On tomorrow for a recap of Thursday’s episode when Jimmy welcomes Kristen Wiig and Bob Odenkirk. It should be a good one!