The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Recap – 2-9


Fallon started the week off with a strong show on Monday when he welcomed star of Zealander 2 Ben Stiller. Tuesday continued to bring in the A-listers with Deadpool heartthrob and Super Bowl commercial star Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds, Fallon and Katie Holmes played a round of Musical Beers. Here’s the full recap.


Jimmy kicked things off with some talk about the New Hampshire primary. He was able to get some laughs out of the facts that the first town to close its polls was called “Dicksville Notch.” Fallon jumped from politics to the Super Bowl halftime show to ABC’s The Bachelor. In the first time this season Quest and Tariq finally reenacted a scene from the show with actual dialogue from the show. As usual, it was the most ridiculous display of human dialogue ever seen on television. It makes the whole episode worth watching. The monologue ended with a joke about a woman running 68 miles on a treadmill. It worked nicely into relating that much running without getting anywhere to Jeb Bush’s campaign.

Joke of the monologue: “Along with being the New Hampshire primary, it’s also National Pizza Day. So one way or another Chris Christie will be giving a victory speech.”

To The Desk

Pros and Cons

As I’ve said in previous recaps, it’s not my favorite bit, but Pros and Cons is acceptable as a time filler. Here are some of the highlights.

Pro: You and your girlfriend’s love story was featured on a TV Show
Con: It was Dateline NBC

Pro: Giving someone a Valentine as their secret admirer
Con: In other words, their stalker

Pro: Saying these three romantic worlds everyone loves to hear
Con: Please swipe right

The Guests

Ryan Reynolds

Like Ben Stiller on Monday or, say, Chris Hemsworth, Ryan Reynolds is a perfect guest for Fallon’s Tonight Show. Jimmy made the announcement Ryan is going to be on the cover of People Magazine as the “sexist dad alive.” Then the two talked about a good deed done by Ryan. He gave a big fan two tickets to the premier after a video went viral of the fan freaking out that she thought she missed the movie. She was high after getting her wisdom teeth taken out. The interview ended with a clip from the movie. Oh, the writers of Deadpool also wrote Zombieland, so it should be a good one!

Musical Beers

Fallon has played this game before. It’s basically musical chairs, but with red Solo cups of beers. Katie Holmes turned out to be the ringer. Check out the clip below.

Katie Holmes

Katie and Jimmy had a good laugh about her Musical Beer skills. She said she grew up playing drinking games, especially quarters. Her mom was backstage for the show. Apparently she sent Katie a nice care package for being on the show, and she even made Jimmy a similar care package. The care packages always have local foods from their home town. That’s a nice touch. Jimmy asked her if she watched the Super Bowl. She missed it while she was at a cooking class with her daughter. She did check out the halftime show at a friend’s apartment because she’s a huge Beyonce fan. She even busted out some of Queen B’s moves for the audience. Eventually she got to talking about what she was there to promote: her new movie Touched With Fire. It looks like an intense film about living with bipolar disorder.

Tuesday’s show concluded with a country performance from Thomas Rhett. Tune in tomorrow to Last Night On for a recap of Wednesday’s show. Jimmy welcomes guests Penelope Cruz and Peyton Manning.