The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Recap – 2-8


Fallon has one more week before he and The Roots take the show to Los Angeles for a week. Monday’s show started the week off right with great appearances from Ben Stiller and Deadpool actress Morena Baccarin. Here’s how Monday’s episode played out.


In a nice change of pace, Fallon kicked off the monologue with something other than talk about the election. Instead, he mentioned the Super Bowl. He called it the annual tradition for families to get together to lose money and gain weight. Fallon added to the joke when he mentioned that Cam Newton was only dabbing with Kleenex. The video footage of Eli at the Super Bowl has been going viral, and Jimmy was able to get some mileage out of it. In an expert pivot, Fallon played some fictitious messages about the big game from the presidential nominees. In the best one of the group, Chris Christy reportedly said “Wait, the guy from the Papa Johns commercials plays football!?”

To The Desk

Fallon and Higgins talked about some of the best and strangest Super Bowl commercials. Then Jimmy gave a shout out to the show director who just won an award for his work for the show. Congrats to him!

Screen Grabs

It’s Fallon’s version of Jay Leno’s Headlines. It’s Headlines for a new generation. Fallon’s viewers send him screen caps from humorous things on the internet. It’s a great bit that never fails to deliver. Checkout the segment below.

The Guests

Ben Stiller 

Ben Stiller’s acting prowess never ceases to amaze me. He played zany, over-the-top characters in his movies, but the real Ben Stiller seems like a down-to-earth, mild mannered guy in interviews. He talked about his experience shooting the upcoming Zoolander 2 in Italy. His son joined him for the trip. Stiller had to do some funny love scenes with Penelope Cruz, and her husband Javier Bardem stopped by the set on the day of shooting those scenes. Stiller said he’s a nice guy, but he did intimidate him when he was there.

After the break, Jimmy played a clip from a show Stiller, Ferrell and Owen Wilson appeared on while shooting in Italy. I could’ve sworn it was a setup from a bit, but it was 100% real. The trio appeared on a puppet show that does science experiments. Farrell turned the whole appearance into a ridiculous bit.

Before the break would’ve been a better place to show the clip, because the clip was followed up by a fake rejected Super Bowl ad Stiller shot for female viagra. It was a spoof on the typical Viagra add where a woman sensually addresses the camera. Check out the goof below.

Morena Baccarin

Morena is pregnant. Let me rephrase. Moreno is very pregnant. Jimmy asked when she was due and she said, “right now.” She talked about her time working with Ryan Reynolds during Deadpool, and of course she said he’s great to work with. Ryan will be on Tuesday’s episode of The Tonight Show. The interview concluded with a clip from the upcoming superhero movie.

Monday’s episode concluded with an excellent magic performance from semi-regular Tonight Show guest Dan White. Check back tomorrow for a recap of Tuesday’s episode when Jimmy welcomes Ryan Reynolds and Katie Holmes.