Zoolander 2’s Ben Stiller teaches Elton John how to Blue Steel

Ben Stiller taught Elton John how to do Derek Zoolander’s “Blue Steel” pose on Graham Norton Show

Zoolander 2 star Ben Stiller stopped by The Graham Norton Show Friday evening to promote the highly-anticipated sequel, which he also directed and co-wrote. During the visit alongside co-stars Owen Wilson and Penelope Cruz, Stiller managed to give a lesson on how to perfect his character Derek Zoolander’s signature modeling pose, known as “Blue Steel.”

“It’s a six-part process,” Stiller said of the facial expression. “It starts, first of all, with the thought, the inception of it. Secondly, it’s starting to feel it in the lower part of your body, and then allowing it to come up, and then really pushing through from the diaphragm up through the throat and out through the nose. Without thinking at all. You just have to clear your mind, it’s probably the biggest thing.”

Stiller added: “It’s not even the result, what you’re doing with your face, it’s what you’re thinking, which is just like, ‘OK, take it already!’”

The demonstration prompted fellow guest Elton John to compare Zoolander’s “Blue Steel” look to Victoria Beckham’s permanent expression. “She’s got that look right down,” the singer said. “Always. All the girls know how to look at the right angle.” John, who was on the British talk show to promote his new record ‘Wonderful Crazy Night,’ then made a pouty face to demonstrate his own take on the facial expression.

Watch the entire segment below:

Later in the episode, John was nearly injured when the Zoolander 2 cast attempted to take a picture with a Guinness World Record-sized selfie stick that they used at the film’s premiere. However, it failed miserably on the show, falling and nearly hitting the legendary singer while he was sitting on the couch instead of participating in the proceedings. Stiller then abandoned the over-sized selfie stick in favor of a more traditional one to snap a photo that also included Jack Black and John giving his best “Blue Steel” pose while standing in front of the studio audience.

Zoolander 2 opens in theaters on Friday, February 12, while the entire The Graham Norton Show featuring John, Stiller and the rest of the comedy’s cast can be seen in the U.S. Monday night at 10 p.m. on BBC America.