The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Recap – 2-3


Jimmy is back after an awkward four-day break. He was off on Thursday and Friday of last week in addition to Monday and Tuesday of this week. He returned with a memorable episodes for cinephiles. Marin Scorsese joined him and talked about some of his classic work, as well as his upcoming HBO show Vinyl. 


Jimmy came back with plenty of ammunition thanks to the Iowa Caucus. He had plenty to say about Bernie, Hillary, Cruz and of course Trump. Bernie lost by less than 1%, which worked nicely into a 1% joke. Jimmy and Higgins laughed for a lengthy period at a clip of Jeb Bush trying to work up a crowd in Iowa. Bush tried to work up his crowd, received no applause and then asked the crowd to clap. That pretty much sums up his campaign. The monologue wrapped up with a pre-recorded bit of Fallon doing his Trump impression in a fictitious Iowa speech after coming in second place.

Joke of the monologue: “Hillary faced some criticism for declaring victory early in Iowa. Her less-than-1% victory was announced around 1 a.m. and she declared victory back in April of last year.”

To the Desk

Tonight Show Superlatives 

It’s never been my favorite segment, but with the Super Bowl being just days away Tonight Show Superlatives seems like a good fit. The Super Bowl isn’t even on NBC this year, so it doesn’t count as synergy.

The Guests

Martin Scorsese 

Martin Scorsese is a fantastic Tonight Show guest. He doesn’t give the usual bland Tonight Show interview, as he loves to chat about his past and future. Plus, he plays along with any type of game Jimmy plays. Jimmy and Martin chatted about working with De Niro for so many years and that he rarely talks when promoting a movie. Jimmy then asked him about his upcoming HBO show Vinyl. Scorsese is producing the show along with Mick Jagger and directing the first couple episodes. Jagger apparently approached Scorsese in the 90’s about doing a movie about the music industry in the 70’s. It didn’t come to fruition until now, and HBO seems to be the perfect avenue for it. According to Martin, the 70’s were the perfect decade to set this drama about the music industry since so many important things happened within the industry at that time: disco, punk, scratching turntables which became hip hop, and of course rock. He talked about going to the famed Studio 54 in the 70’s, which he only went to a few times. He added that he never really understood disco. Mick Jagger told him that it was all about the dancing. Check out the interview below. It was a great one.

5 Second Movie Summaries 

Five Second Movie Summaries is a game that Jimmy occasionally plays with his guests. The two take turns trying to describe the name of a movie in five seconds. Scorsese, being the director he is, really got into describing themes of the movies rather than quick plot points. Check out the clip below.

Gillian Jacobs

Gillian kicked off her interview sharing a story about her recent visit to the White House. She was there for a computer science summit, which she apparently knows nothing about. She made a documentary about a computer programmer in WW2, but she says she still doesn’t know much about the topic. It was her first time heading back to the White House since being a little girl. Jacobs is promoting her new Netflix show called Love, which debuts on Netflix on Friday.

The episode concluded with an energetic performance form The Chainsmokers. Check back tomorrow for a full recap of Fallon’s Thursday show when he welcomes. Jonah Hill, Megyn Kelly and Wiz Khalifa.