The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Recap – 1/12


After a fairly serious Tonight Show on Monday with Donald Trump, Fallon looked to get back on track in terms of comedy on Tuesday. He welcomed funny man and star of the upcoming Ride Along 2 Kevin Hart. Hart is always up participating in a sketch or game. In his last performance, he joined Jimmy and Will Farrell in one of the most popular lip sync battles in the show’s history. Here’s everything that happened in Tuesday’s episode.


Jimmy opened with some talk about Obama’s last State of the Union address even though he hadn’t seen it yet. The show tapes around 4:00 p.m. and the State of the Union speech was at 9:00. He said that the speech was supposed to be more optimistic than usual. Instead of being “a glass half full,” Obama sees the presidency as 7/8 over. Sticking with White House comedy, Jimmy commented on the White House joining Snapchat. Well done, on the wordplay, Jimmy. Check out the Joke of the Monologue below for the full quote. Ben and Jerry are considering making a flavor of ice cream based on Bernie Sanders. Even the ice cream will be too rich for Sanders. Heyoooo! Tuesday’s monologue had lots of strong wordplay.

Joke of the Monologue: “The White House joined Snapchat this week. Snapchat is the perfect outlet for The White House. After it makes a promise, it magically disappears.”

To the Desk

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons isn’t my favorite bit, but it’s a decent time filler before the first guest comes out. Tonight’s topic: pros and cons of the State of the Union Address. Here are the highlights:

Pro: Obama said that in the 2016 election, history will be made
Con: It’ll be the first time that anyone ever went black, then went back.

Pro: Obamacare!
Con: Now Obama don’t care.

Pro: Obama ended the speech with “God bless America.”
Con: And added “if Trump wins, God help you.”

The Guests

Kevin Hart

Kevin came out to quite an ovation. The crowd took a while to settle down once he hit the stage. He has a new concert film coming out that was shot in his home city of Philadelphia. He sold out the Lincoln Financial Field where the Eagles play. Hart says it’s more than just a concert film of his standup. There’s an action sequence that was shot for the special of him going to the venue. After talk about his upcoming concert, Hart talked about his passion for fitness. He teamed up for Nike to come out with his own cross trainer. Hart premiered his new shoes on the show. They have inspirational workout quotes written on them. He was clearly excited about the announcement, as he jumped on Fallon’s desk to show them off. Kevin Hart always brings the crazy energy to the Tonight Show


Hart and Fallon participated in one of the more disgusting Tonight Show games. Drinko involves Fallon and the guest dropping disks in random cups of liquid from pea soup to tang to alcoholic beverages. The person drops two disks and has to drink a mixture of the two. Hart had to drunk mulled wine and Hennessy. Check out the full clip below.

Noel Fielding

Noel Fielding is half of the comedy duo The Mighty Boosh. He told Jimmy that his eyes in person are like beautiful doll eyes. As a gift, he gave Jimmy a painted $10 bill. He says it’s the future $10 bill because he painted Trump on it. The interview was brief, but Noel brought a pretty zany brand of comedy with him.

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Joshua Topolsky

Fallon’s tech expert stood in place of a musical guest on Tuesday. Fresh from Vegas’ huge Consumer Electronic Show. He brought Kodak’s new Super 8 handy cam, a screen less projector headset and a very rare retro video game console that retails for $2700. The demo concluded with the HTC Vive VR headset.

Check back tomorrow for a recap of Thursday’s show when Fallon welcomes Hillary Clinton.