The 5 Best Late Night Bits of the Week: 1/4 – 1/10

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1. Conan, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart give a Driving Lesson

Conan is always one to help out the staff of his TBS staff. So when he learned that one of his staff members was in the middle of learning how to earn her driver’s license in Los Angeles, he had to lend a hand. Conan used his signature wit and improv skills to guide her through the streets of L.A. If that wasn’t enough for a successful sketch, the two are joined halfway through the lesson by stars of the upcoming Ride Along 2 Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. They three comedy stars are hilarious together, as they show Conan’s staff member the rules of the road, and even stop at a marijuana shop. This bit aired early in the week, but was still better than anything else on late night TV.