The 5 Best Late Night Bits of the Week: 1/4 – 1/10

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2. Sylvester Stallone Shows Footage of Michael B. Jordan Getting Knocked Out

Sly Stallone isn’t about all the fun and games that usually occur on Fallon’s Tonight Show. Whenever he appears on the late night circuit, he usually just has an insightful conversation about his stories from Hollywood, or the production of his movies. This week he appeared on Fallon to talk about the making of his newest Rocky movie Creed. He told his story about “Dead Man Walking” scenes in Rocky movies. In other words, to be a part of the Rocky family, you have to take a punch. Dolph Lundgren put him in the hospital for four days with a punch to the chest on the set of Rocky 4. Star of Creed Michael B. Jordan told Stallone that he wanted to be a part of that family, so Sly told one of the professional boxers on the set to get him a bit of a shot. Here was that shot.

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