The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Recap – 1/8


The first week of The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon in 2016 is officially in the books. Jimmy tried some new things in week one. I don’t think we’ll see Kid Dictionary any time soon. But Fallon and his usually friendly guests are always able to right the ship after a bomb. Friday’s show wraps up the week with Tyler Perry and Wagner Moura. Here’s what happened.


Hey! Fallon didn’t start with political humor for once! Instead, he brought up the huge jackpot in tomorrow’s Powerball. It’s up to $800 million. Or so I thought. It turned out it was all a ruse. Jimmy said that even Trump said he had to buy a lottery ticket, which segued into another Trump joke. The follow-up was about a rally that only allowed Trump supporters to enter. Mexico has announced that they have caught the infamous cartel boss El Chapo. As Jimmy puts it, “Good news, everyone! Mexico is safe again!” Friday’s show had a visual-heavy monologue with some photoshop gags, a video of a kid swinging a lightsaber like crazy and a clip from CES that debuted virtual reality pornography.

Joke of the night:  “I heard that an autograph expert said that Hillary Clinton’s autograph is the most valuable of all the candidates. For instance, a Hillary-signed hat is worth about $1500, while a hat signed by Jeb Bush is worth whatever the hat costs originally minus some for the autograph.”

To the Desk

Thank You Notes

It’s time again for Fallon’s signature bit. Here are some of the highlights:

Thank you, New Year’s Resolutions, for being a good way to tell your friends what you hate about yourself.
Thank you, Wall Street Investors, for telling us how much Apple’s stock is dropping. Or as Apple puts it, “it’s lighter and thinner than ever.”

The final Thank You note of the night was delivered from space by astronaut Scott Kelly, which was a really cool segment. It was also one of the best Thank You notes of the night: “Thank you, living in space for a year, for being the best excuse for clicking ‘no’ on Facebook invites.”

The Guests

Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry came right out and said that Fallon is his man crush. They segued poorly into a hobby of Tyler’s; remote control planes. But they aren’t small remote controlled planes that can bought in a store. These are enormous remote controlled planes. I’ve never seen anything like it. Jimmy congratulated him on something more exciting: the birth of his child. Of course, Tyler says being a parent is great, but the toys that make noise are terrible. Tyler Perry is an excellent guest, and I didn’t know he had it in him. He matched Fallon’s energy from beginning to end. At times, Jimmy had to keep up with him. They worked well together for a first interview.

Spin the Microphone

I didn’t know Tyler Perry could sing, but Tyler is amped up to be included in a game that gets to showcase his pipes. They are both joined by the stars of Broad City, Abby Jacobson and Ilana Glazer. This game was played previously with the cast of The Voice. The crew spins a microphone and then have to sing a mystery song. It’s basically random karaoke. Check out the full segment below.

Wagner Moura

The star of Netflix’s Narcos was very excited to be a part of The Tonight Show. He told about his first trip to Vegas. He didn’t really understand gambling since it’s forbidden in Brazil. He didn’t understand Blackjack or even the unwritten rules of handwaving, and such. He only lost $60, so that’s not so bad. That conversation went into conversation about his family. He’s been living with her wife for 15 years, but they’ve never been officially married. He brought it up when they were in Vegas to see if she wanted to get quickly and officially married, but she said she wasn’t interested. What a bummer! It was a solid, but brief interview.

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The show concluded with some excellent standup comedy from Iliza Shiesinger who gave some excellent observational comedy about the differences in American generations. Check out some of her material on YouTube if you’re interested in standup comedy.

So that’s another week of Fallon in the books. Check back to Last Night On over the weekend to see what made the 5 best bits of the week.