The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Recap – 1/5

THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON -- Episode 0140 -- Pictured: (l-r) Actress Kristen Stewart during an interview with host Jimmy Fallon on October 7, 2014 -- (Photo by: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC)
THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON -- Episode 0140 -- Pictured: (l-r) Actress Kristen Stewart during an interview with host Jimmy Fallon on October 7, 2014 -- (Photo by: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC) /

The Tonight Show staring Jimmy Fallon continues to move forward in the new year. After some iffy moments last night, specifically the trying out of the new bit “Kid Dictionary” with guest John Stamos, Jimmy got back on track with Tuesday’s episode. For those who missed it, Kid Dictionary was a surprisingly awful bit that the high-energy audience couldn’t even get behind. Here’s what happened on Tuesday’s episode.

The Monologue

Jimmy dived right into political humor by poking fun at Hilary Clinton who said if she were elected president she would investigate aliens and UFOs. That set up a nice punchline at Bill’s expense with the quip, “Bill volunteered to be probed.” Jimmy pivoted the joke to Trump by saying that the news would get Trump to change his idea from a wall to a dome. Jeb’s guacamole recipe has been the butt of several jokes after he revealed it on an NPR interview. Jimmy and Colbert both got some decent jokes out of that. That Bachelor is back! That means there’s plenty of late night material coming every week. Quest and Tariq always recite some of the most melodramatic moments of the show. So look out for that. The famous music row of New York just lost its last music store, which was an accordion store. When asked about how an accordion store was able to stay open for so long, the owner said that they were selling weed in the back.

Joke of the Monologue: “Visa and Dell have are investing $3 million to help Girl Scouts to sell cookies online. It’s all part of their plan to cut out the middle man, ya know, Girl Scouts.”

To the Desk

I noticed that the cast was off of Jimmy’s finger. You can clearly tell that something happened to that finger, but I’m glad he was able to keep the darn thing after the accident.

Pros and Cons

It’s never been my favorite bit, but Tuesday was time for Pros and Cons. Hey, at least it’s not Kid Dictionary. Tuesday’s subject: Making a New year’s Resolution. Here are some of the highlights:

Pro: Resolving to be smarter with your money.
Con: By spending $1000 on a gym membership and going once.

Pro: Telling your family you’re going to get your dream job this year.
Con: Your family replying. “Uh, sure you are, Jeb.”

Pro: If not new, when?
Con: Tomorrow.

The Guests

Kristen Stewart 

Kristen talked about her hectic filming schedule. She got off of shooting on December 15 and was able to enjoy the holiday season. Fallon pulled out a photo of of Kristen on a vespa in Paris, it was actually a picture from an upcoming movie. The interview sort of drags toward the middle where Jimmy basically complimented her movies and Kristen’s appearance every time she comes on the show. Kristen Stewart seems very down to earth in the sense that she doesn’t have a ton of fabricated, phony stories. It’s like as if someone from off the street was pulled on stage on The Tonight Show.

The Whisper Challenge

The headphone are on the desk. That means Krysten and Jimmy are going to play The Whisper Challenge. Jimmy has had a lot of mileage out of this idea. It was recently played with Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders. One person puts on the headphones. The other person picks up a card and reads a phrase. Kristen has no problem throwing down words that need to be bleeped. Check out the clip below.

Michael Shannon

The Golden Globe nominated actor for his role in 99 Homes made his third Fallon appearance. Fallon greeted him by showing him a picture of him dressed up in an ugly Christmas sweater, which looks like it was at a premier or some red carpet for a Christmas Party. It was one of the same sweaters that Jimmy gave out for his “12 Days of Christmas Sweaters” bit, but Jimmy didn’t notice. What a missed opportunity! Michael Shannon has an excellent dry sense of humor. It’s a surprise when you consider most of his roles. It’s a humorous juxtaposition when its next to Fallon’s manic energy. Jimmy brought up an article about Michael Shannon that was written by the L.A. Times. A picture in the article was of a different stage actor named Michael Shannon. It turns out that the older Michale Shannon called him and asked him to change his name.

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The Tuesday episode of The Tonight Show ended with a musical performance by Grammy nominated band Cage The Elephant. Tune in to Last Night On tomorrow when Jimmy promises something special when Billy Joel stops by.