The 10 Best SNL Sketches of 2015


Another year of Saturday Night Live is in the books, and 2015 was a momentous one for the legendary sketch comedy show. Earlier this year, SNL celebrated its 40th anniversary in one of the most star-studded television events of all time. Anyone who was ever a cast member, host or musical guest was invited. Bill Murray and Eddie Murphy were there. Prince played at the after party. It was basically a celebration of entertainment royalty.

Apart from the SNL 40 special, it was another year of hit-or-miss episodes and sketches. But with talented hosts like Matthew McConaughey, Kevin Hart and recently Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, there were plenty of memorable sketches to choose from. Here are the ten best of 2015.

Meet Your Second Wife

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler brought the edge that SNL has been regularly lacking with the sketch “Meet Your Second Wife.” The premise: seemingly normal guys are introduced to their future second wife. The catch: the girls are all minors at this time.

Guns: We’re Here to Stay

Host Amy Schumer was a part of this fake commercial, which has a much higher production value that most of the show’s fake commercials. It’s not clear where the ad is going until about the three-quarter mark. Wait for it.

Should You Chime in on This

SNL’s fake game shows are some of their strongest work. “Should You Chime in on This” from host Matthew McConaughey is a wonderful commentary on the typical people who are the loudest about modern politics.

Justin Bieber Calvin Klein Ads

Justin Bieber’s Calvin klein underware ads were a cultural phenomenon when they were first released. So what better response could SNL have than spoofing them with Kate McKinnon’s A+ impression of the pop crooner.

Why’d You Post That?

Kevin Hart is a perfect guest host for SNL. He gives it his all in every sketch with his high energy. That’s why he made the list twice. Lorne Michaels must regret that he didn’t hire him back when he auditioned. “Why’d You Post That” pokes fun at the minutia that dominates social media.

Corner Boys of Bushwick

Corner Boys of Bushwick was one of this year’s best digital short-style sketches. Again helped by Kevin Hart, Hart, Keenan Thompson and Jay Pharaoh put a modern take on street corner conversation.

Wishin’ Boot

Wishin’ Boot from Blake Shelton’s episode of SNL is a spot-on spoof of the emotionally  manipulative nature of country music. It’s like it could pass as a real country song.

Celebrity Jeopardy from SNL 40

Celebrity Jeopardy very well may be the most famous recurring SNL sketch. That’s why they had to bring it back for the SNL 40 celebration. Enjoy all the classic characters and cameos.

Time to Bleed

Chris Hemsworth most recent hosting job was a mixed bag of sketches, but the previously-recorded fake cop movie “Time to Bleed” had great performances and production value. Hemsworth nails the tough cop persona.

Democratic Cold Open

After the first democratic presidential debate, everyone knew that there was only one person who could play Bernie Sanders. That person is Larry David. Larry has appeared on SNL twice now to play the Brooklyn candidate. Enjoy the classic Larry David comedy.

So there you have it. Those are the ten best sketches from SNL this year. What favorites of yours didn’t make the cut? Sound off in the comments below.