The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Recap – 12/18


This is it! Friday’s show was Fallon’s last until after Christmas. The Tonight Show gang is headed on a break, but he’s ended with a great episode featuring Channing Tatum and star of the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens John Boyega. Here’s the full recap.


As to be expected Jimmy touched on the fact that we are just a week away from Christmas. He kicked off the monologue with a joke about people running out of time to find gifts for their significant others. It’s too late to get creative. A great joke about Star Wars won the joke of the monologue. Saturday is the third democratic debate. According to Jimmy, “experts say that Hillary needs to maintain the lead, Bernie Sanders needs to catch up and Martin O’Malley will be there.” The U.S. Department of health is extending the enrollment period for Obamacare to January first. Punchline: “What better time to sign up for Obamacare on the day we all lie to ourselves about being healthier. Jimmy debuted a hilarious play on YouTube’s Best-of-the-Year collection by featuring a collection of real anti-viral YouTube videos. The videos have 10 views or less. He then closed the monologue with a editing compilation of Star Wars characters singing “Stayin’ Alive” by the BeeGees. It’s similar to the now defunct Brian Williams Raps. It wasn’t quite as good as the Brian Williams Raps, but still a nice treat for Star Wars fans. Unfortunately, Fallon hasn’t uploaded the clip to his YouTube channel as of yet.

"Joke of the Monologue: Everyone is talking about the movie that has finally been released after months of waiting. The movie finally came out and fans and critics are saying it’s even better than the previous sequels. Yes that’s right, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip is finally in theaters."

To the Desk

Thank You Notes

Jimmy continues with his signature Friday bit of Thank You Notes. Check out Friday’s rendition and highlights below.

“Thank you, Three Wise Men, for bringing the worst baby gifts ever.”
“Thank you, batteries, for not being lonely even though you’re never included.”

12 Days of Christmas Sweaters

It’s the final night of Jimmy’s holiday tradition. In the 12 nights leading up to Christmas, Jimmy gives away an ugly Christmas sweater to a random member of the audience. The final sweater was especially horrid with a flashing fire place and stockings above it. Yikes.

The Guests

Channing Tatum

Popular guest of The Tonight Show Channing Tatum is out to promote Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful 8. They began the interview by talking about their children and the upcoming Christmas. Channing’s daughter doesn’t quite understand the concept of Santa Clause yet, especially mall Santas. He doesn’t want to force her to go sit on Santa’s lap, but she can if she wants to. Apparently she doesn’t want to because she says he’s too old. That segued into talk about his appearance in The Hateful 8. Channing really wanted the role, but he can’t talk much about his role. Quentin is trying to keep his character under wraps. He was very nervous about his first table read for the movie due to the caliber of actor that is also in the film. When he shook Bruce Dern’s hand for the read he almost pulled his arm out of the socket, which Bruce was not too happy about. According to Channing, Quentin Tarantino is a cut-up on the set of his movies.

Egg Russian Roulette 

Egg Russian Roulette is a signature bit Fallon likes to play with his guests. Jimmy and his guest take turns selecting eggs from a dozen and smashing them on his own head. Eight of them are hard boiled, while four of them are raw. Channing is a great choice for this bit. Check out who won below.

John Boyega

The final guest of the show has been making the late-night rounds for the past month. One of the breakout stars of the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a great personality for Fallon’s type of show. Jimmy thanked John for helping out with The Tonight Show’s Star Wars a cappella bit from earlier this week. They showed off some behind-the-scenes B-roll of the star helping with the bit. He had fun with the whole process. Jimmy asked him about the audition process and the secrecy. John said that he told director J.J. Abrams that he was at an art gallery when he was really at home when he called to tell him he got the part. John headed to a couple theaters on Friday night to surprise people going to see Star Wars. That would be so cool to see.

Jimmy closed the show by performing music form Charlie Brown’s Christmas with a children’s choir. It was a nice touch to send off his show into holiday break. And that’s a wrap for Fallon before Christmas. Be sure to check back on Last Night On for a full review of Saturday’s episode of Saturday Night Lives, plus Fallon’s best bits of 2015 next week. Stay tuned! 

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