The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Recap – 12/16


It’s always a treat when Will Ferrell stops by The Tonight Show. Ferrell and Fallon were two of the best parts of Saturday Night Live during a highly underrated cast. When they get together, you can always count on some laugh-out-loud moments. Here’s the full recap from Wednesday’s show.


Everyone in late night is talking about Tuesday’s republican presidential debate. Jimmy started his monologue by commenting on how heated the debate was. Of course, he was talking about the angry exchange between Jeb Bush and Donald Trump. Jimmy showed a picture taken from Jeb’s campaign headquarters in Miami that showed only a handful of people and a lot of empty chairs. He added, “Even Radio Shack was like, ‘man, that place is empty.'” He then played a supercut of Ben Carson repeating the phrase “boots on the ground” and Chris Christie saying he was a “former federal prosecutor,” which were then put together to form a remix. Jimmy went from talking about the debate to being in the holiday spirit. An astroid about a mile wide is going to pass earth on Christmas Eve, but probably won’t hit the Earth. Scientists said, “well…happy holidays, everyone.”

Joke of the monologue: “Beyonce went to a Christmas party dressed as a Christmas tree. Or as the Rockefeller Christmas tree put it, ‘great, now I look fat.'”

Mispronunciations on the street

He did the recurring bit where one of his writers heads to the street to ask people about a certain topic, but mispronounces the topic at hand. It’s always been one of my favorites. Wednesday’s topic was about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but was changed to “The Floor is Shakin.'” Some examples of the mispronunciations: “The Fort of Blankets,” “The Corgi’s Fragrance,” “I stole some aprons,” “The Pork Invasion,” “The Whore’s Vacation.”

To the Desk

12 Days of Christmas Sweaters

Fallon continued his Tonight Show tradition by revealing another Christmas sweater. There are only three shows left before the show goes on holiday break. Tonight’s sweater was sky blue with puffy fringe on the sleeves on collar. It even had jingle bells on the bottom. Truly disgusting.

The Guests 

Will Ferrell 

There was no desk bit for Fallon, as he wanted to save some time to hang out with Will Ferrell. Ferrell came out in some interesting Christmas garb. It was a red santa tank top with board shorts, high socks and slip-on shoes. He also brought a t-shirt cannon and a camouflage sack. He says he’s the new Santa Clause: a newer, hipper version of Kris Kringle.

The bit was held up by Ferrell’s relentless energy. He loves Smash Mouth, wears a bluetooth earbud, says “nawice” instead of “nice” and sits on your lap instead of vice versa.

The bit closed with the two of them singing a ballad Christmas of Smash Mouth’s “Rock Star.” Check it out below.

Ferrell continued the interview as the newer, hipper Santa after the break to show Jimmy his new Christmas traditions. He gave Jimmy his little girl’s Christmas presents. It was one season of Law and Order and John Grisham’s The Firm. Eventually the conversation got to Daddy’s Home promotion.

Alicia Vikander 

Ferrell stuck around for the next interview with The Danish Girl actress Alicia Vikander. The trio sang Swedish Christmas Carols. Well, she sang them. Fallon and Ferrell just kind of tried to follow along. She brought in Swedish holiday dishes. Jimmy congratulated her on her Golden Globe nomination, as well as her work in Ex Machina. 

Twenty One pilots closed the show. Jimmy only has two shows remaining before heading on holiday break, but they should be good ones. He is joined by Bruce Springsteen and Jeffrey Tambor on Thursday and Channing Tatum and John Boyega on Friday. Be sure to check back for the full recaps of those episodes. If you want to join in on the Twitter fun, Thursday’s Tonight Show hashtag is #StarWarsRaps.