Jennifer Lawrence and Seth Meyers talk Chris Pratt sex scene


A night after spending some time under the stars with Late Show host Stephen Colbert, Jennifer Lawrence made her way to NBC’s Late Night to sip some wine with host Seth Meyers. During the free-flowing conversation, the actress talked about her sex scene with Chris Pratt in the upcoming film Passengers, revealed her crush on Meyers and Larry David, and discussed her noncompetitive friendship with comedian Amy Schumer.

Meyers opened by asking Lawrence what it was like to film her first ever sex scene with Pratt, which he described as a “jackpot,” adding, “it would be so stressful if it was someone like Jeremy Irons.”

“Yeah, sorry Mr. Irons,” she responded. “Pratt’s the best, but I was paranoid about coming across as a predator, for one. Because with sex scenes, you don’t know what to do, you’re like ‘Is it enough?’ But you’re worst nightmare is that it’s too much. Are they going to be like, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa!!'”

Meyers then asked whether the actors talk about the sex scene ahead of time. She replied that they don’t, and went on to mock what that conversation would be like, joking: “So, what do you think? You going to hump me once? Are you going to be on top?”

“If anyone ever asks me, ‘Are you going to hump me once?,’ my answer is always ‘Yes,'” Meyers told an embarrassed Lawrence. “Definitely once. And then we’ll see where it goes.”

The SNL alum then asked her if she prepares for sex scenes by “having a glass.” Lawrence joked that she has a bottle of whiskey, but then explained that you shouldn’t actually drink since you’re at work, and you’re there for eight hours. When Meyers inquired whether she received any notes about the sex scene she simply said, “I don’t know,” and took a long sip from her wine glass to laughs from the audience.

Lawrence also revealed that she used to have a big crush on Meyers, even going as far as telling Saturday Night Live’s wardrobe lady that she was planning to ask him out during the lead up to her time as host. Much to her dismay, the former SNL head writer was engaged to his now-wife, Alexi Ashe. The couple are currently expecting their first child together.

She also recounted how she gave Larry David her number, but he never called her, describing that she has so many “sexual, boyfriend, marriage feelings” for the Curb Your Enthusiasm star. “I’m feeling a little bit less awesome about the crush,” Meyers admitted.

The Joy star also touched on her budding friendship with Trainwreck actress Amy Schumer, who is also nominated for a Golden Globe in the same category. Lawrence promised that she was actually rooting for Schumer to win, calling her role the Avatar of the year, which might make Lawrence the actual winner, The Hurt Locker. However, Schumer apparently isn’t so humble. “I think she thinks she should win too,” said Lawrence.

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Lawrence stars in the David O. Russell film Joy alongside Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro. It opens in theaters on Dec. 25, while the sci-fi romance Passengers will be released on Dec. 21, 2016.