The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Recap – 12/14


It’s the last full week of The Tonight Show before Fallon and the gang go on holiday break. His set is in full holiday mode with pine garlands and plenty of ornaments. He usually ends the year with a bang, like last year when he gave out different gifts to his audience every day leading up to Christmas. He’s got some top-shelf guests to end out the year, too. Monday’s episode welcomed Sisters star and SNL host Tina Fey. Here’s the full recap.


As usual, Jimmy kicked off the monologue with some political chatter. Tuesday will be the next Republican debate. The punchline: “as you know, the winner of all the previous republican debates has been Hillary Clinton.” He then showed what the republicans are planning on doing in Las Vegas when they arrive for the debate. Cue Chris Christie buffet joke. Commenting on a full moon on Christmas segued nicely into a punchline about dad bending over, and the visual gag of the monologue was about a Canadian man who has been dressing up like the Elf on a Shelf. Jimmy also played a video of a mailman getting attacked by wild turkeys on his mail route.

Joke of the Monologue: “Last week, President Obama said his favorite movie of the year was The Martian. After seeing a man stranded alone on a distant planet, Obama said, ‘Put me in the sequel.'” [It was topped off with a killer Obama impression.]

To the Desk

12 Days of Christmas Sweaters

The Tonight Show tradition continues with 12 Days of Christmas SweatersJimmy picks out ugly Christmas sweaters and gives them to lucky members of the audience. He does this once a show leading up to Christmas. Monday’s sweater was had sparkles of Santa and presents, plus shoulder pads. It’s was extra revolting, which makes it a perfect Christmas sweater.

The Guests

Tina Fey

There was no Tonight Show bit on Monday, as the Christmas sweater bit went right into Tina Fey. Tina started the interview by talking about going to see the Adele Christmas music special that aired on NBC. Producer Lorne Michaels asked her to attend because he wanted her to introduce. It turned out there was nothing for her to do, so she just got to enjoy the show. But she was seated in front of Donald Trump. Fey discussed how much of a hypocrite she became when she was face to face with him. In the privacy of her own home she, like so many others, say what they would say to Trump if they only saw him in public. Fey got that chance and was admittedly timid towards him. She claims it’s because they have the same baby nurse. She didn’t want to start a feud because the baby nurse could get mad at her. Amy Poehler was next to Fey, but Trump didn’t recognize her because she has red hair now.

Conversation eventually got to her upcoming movie Sister. Tina took the same approach as Amy Poehler did last week and tried to fool us into thinking Sisters had to do with Star Wars (it comes out on the same day.)

First Impressions

This is a new Tonight Show game for Fallon. There is a stack of cards on the desk. Fallon and the guest pick from the pile and have to read the phrase on the card in the voice of the famous name that is also on the card. The other person needs to guess the impression. It’s pretty straight forward, but tricky since Tina is not known for being an impressionist and Jimmy is an impression expert. Both of them did pretty great. Check it out in the clip below.

Dane DeHaan

Dane’s interview was in stark contrast when compared to Tina Fey’s. Tina and Jimmy have an established rapport. Judging from the interview, this is the first time Dane and Jimmy have met. It was still a casual interview. Dane talked about his upcoming biopic on James Dean, and what other celebrities he looks like. He said he gets a Young DiCaprio and David Bowie pretty often. I can see his resemblance in both of those actors.

Kenny Rogers closed the show with some pleasant Christmas music. Tomorrow’s show should be another winner when Jimmy welcomes Mark Wahlberg. Will Ferrell stops by on Wednesday, which very well could be the highlight of the week. Be sure to check back all week for full Tonight Show recaps.