The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Recap – 12/10


Thursday’s Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is probably the second biggest of the week. Chris Hemsworth hasn’t quite reached Will Smith’s level of stardom, but he’s really close. Will Smith closes out the week on Friday’s show. Thursday’s episode had plenty of memorable moments from Jimmy and Chris having a toboggan race, to Tonight Show Hashtags. Here’s the full recap.


Trump has been surefire joke fuel for Jimmy, and he kicked off Thursday’s monologue with a Trump joke off the bat. Jim Gaffigan is a guest following Hemsworth, and is the only person who Donald Trump calls “too white.” There’s plenty to talk about when it comes to Trump, whether it’s him being fired from his position as the global ambassador to Scotland (who knew he had that position?!), or his products being removed from the Middle Eastern retail store called lifestyle. Jimmy goofed on all the above, including video of a focus group of Trump supporters interviewed by CNN. That video is what I like to call “video gold.”

Jimmy kept it balanced by burning Sanders and Clinton afterward. Clinton announced that her granddaughter called her “grandma” on the night of the first democratic debate. The punchline: “Clinton looked at the child and said, ‘this is my night, not yours.'”

To the Desk

12 Days of Christmas Sweaters

And here I thought it was “10 Days of Christmas Sweaters.” It turns out that it’s 12. Pardon my errors for the past few recaps! The Tonight Show tradition chugs forward with arguably the uglies sweater yet. It’s three rows of creepy Santas holding a gloved hand up to his face to make the “shh” gesture. The kicker: it has gloves attached to the sleeves.

Tonight Show Hashtags

The internet is partially as great as it is thanks to hilarious people, and there are plenty of them out there. Tonight Show Hashtags showcases some of the funniest on a weekly basis. Thursday’s hashtag was #updatedChristmasCarols. Highlights include:

The Guests

Chris Hemsworth

Hemsworth reportedly lost his Thor weight for his role for In The Heart of the Sea.” It’s certainly true. He’s far from his large Thor physique, looking tall and slim. Chris started out by sharing his recent Instagram pictures in which he doodled over his brother Liam’s cover photo on Men’s Fitness. Liam returned the favor by posting his own doodle over Chris’ Vanity Fair cover photo. Jimmy showed off the photos. But Chris was there to promote his new movie In the Heart of the Ocean. He described acting on a boat, which involved director Ron Howard shouting instructions with a bullhorn. It turns out Chris does a killer Ron Howard impression.

The Hemsworth Cup

12 Days of Christmas Sweaters wasn’t the only Tonight Show tradition on display on Thursday’s show. Every time a Hemsworth shows up, Jimmy races him for the Hemsworth cup. It’s a race around the backstage of the studio. Thursday’s obstacles included a snowball fight, carolers, a blizzard and plenty more Christmas mainstays. Check out who won in the clip below.

Jim Gaffigan 

Jim Gaffigan is a Tonight Show favorite. He usually comes on to perform some new standup, but Thursday he brought some humorous holiday gifts for children. He appeared on Thursday’s show to promote his sold out standup show at Madison Square Garden. His gifts include: a baby drone, which is an actual drone, but one that is just really small, fake pets, a waving Pope figurine and Jimmy Fallon’s kid’s book called “Dada.” It was an unusual bit since all the gift suggestions were real, but Gaffigan’s high energy kept it going.

Thursday’s show concluded with some crooning from Jamie Lawson. Another week is about to be in the books for The Tonight Show. Check back tomorrow for a recap of his Thursday show when he welcomes guest Will Smith. It should be a good one!