Borat reveals Donald Trump is a Sacha Baron Cohen character


Borat explained why Donald Trump is actually a Sacha Baron Cohen character on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Borat traveled all the way from Kazakhstan to make a surprise visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night. He was there to introduce the trailer for Sacha Baron Cohen’s newest film The Brothers Grimsby, but also managed to take shots at Donald Trump, and, of course, the Jews.

Borat, who was greeted with massive cheers from the audience, explained that it was only safe for him to come out during the festival of Hanukkah because “the Jews are at home counting their chocolate moneys.” He then asked Jimmy Kimmel his name, breaking out in laughter at the host’s reply, because as he explained, “In Kazakhstan, ‘Kimmel’ means lady’s vajine and ‘Jimmy’ mean much hair. For example, my wife, she have a very Jimmy Kimmel.”

Kimmel passed on seeing photographic evidence, but instead inquired why he was on the show. Borat stated that he was there to “make warning” about the “frivolous nincompoops Sacha Cohens” who is a “pain in my exit holes.” He went on to explain that he was not a “fanny” of Cohen because his characters are very offensive, including Ali G, Bruno, and his new one, Donald Trump.

“Are you saying Donald Trump is a Sacha Baron Cohen character?” asked Kimmel. “Yes, and a very unbelievable one,” Borat explained. “The only person who would ban Muslims is someone with a brain like a female chicken. It is clearly a parody of a rich American racist. Cohen have spent all the money on orange paint for face and he leave no money for wig. Now I know what happen to Pamela Anderson’s pubis. It is on his head!”

Kimmel insisted that Trump is in fact a real person, which prompted Borat to argue that if he is a real person then, “Donald Trump is an absolute Kimmel.”

Borat then moved on to explain that his warning was regarding Mr. Cohen’s “disgusting new movie film” The Brothers Grimsby, that viewers should “bewares” of. “Sacha Cohen has a new movie?” asked Kimmel. “Yes, I have propaganda footages of the movie films called ‘Brothers from Grimsby.'” he responded. “It look nice…not.” The show then aired the official trailer of the film which stars Cohen as the loser brother of a British spy. It co-stars Mark Strong, Rebel Wilson, Penelope Cruz and Cohen’s wife, Isla Fisher. The movie opens in theaters on March 11.

In another Trump-related segment earlier in the show, they went on the Hollywood strip to conduct an informal poll by asking people to complete this sentence: “Donald Trump is the worst thing that ever happened to …” to see how long it would take before someone said “ISIS.” The statement was in reference to Trump recently telling Barbara Walters that he’s the worst thing that ever happened to the terrorist organization.

Most of the responses where “America,” or other variations such as “the universe,” “Earth,” “the world,” “mankind,” “humanity,” and “the U.S.,” while others included “Mexicans,” “Scandinavia,” “Saturday Night Live” and “Twitter.” At last, they found a couple who came up with “ISIS” after getting a hint of what letter the word started with. There was also a gentleman with a foreign accent whose face was blurred out that refused to complete the task, but called Trump a “great man,” which was met with groans from the audience.