The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon – 11/18 Recap


Fallon’s A list guests are usually down to play along with the silliness that the Tonight Show has become known for under Jimmy Fallon. The result is some of the best moments to catch on late night tv, whether it’s Jon Hamm spitting a mouthful of food in Jimmy’s face or Bryan Cranston being suspended by wires for a fake soap opera. Jennifer Lawrence is as A list as late night guests get and she is game.


It’s a safe bet to put money on Fallon using a Trump joke in his monologue. That’s actually a pretty safe bet for any of the late night hosts. Fallon used his Wednesday monologue to poke fun at Trump, Clinton setting her MySpace page to private, Bobby Jindal dropping out of the presidential race and the fall of Dick’s Sporting Good Stock. The latter was the most obvious joke of the bunch, as it played off of “Dick’s going down” language. The standout produced joke of the monologue was editing the preview of the upcoming season of The Bachelor to make it look like Lindsey Graham was the next bachelor. Quality editing there.

To the desk

Tonight Show Superlatives

Fallon’s desk sketch for the night was Tonight Show Superlatives; a now-weekly sketch in which Fallon makes fun of NFL players who are scheduled to play on NBC’s Sunday Night Football. It’s a relatively easy and safe sketch that acts as an excuse to shoehorn some synergy into the show. Jack Donaghy would be proud. Highlights include: Andy Dalton – Most likely to be The Devil if he joined Maroon 5. It was the most brief set of Superlatives in recent memory. He only went through about four players.

J. Crew Pocket Dial

After superlatives, Fallon revealed his new invention that has been picked up by J. Crew. It’s called the J. Crew Pocket Dial. It’s an iPhone case that doubles as a suit pocket square. The material that makes it look like a pocket square is interchangeable. It’s actually genius. 100% of the proceeds go to David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. They cost $48 at J. Crew.

Santa Clause showed up after the bit to give everyone in the audience a J. Crew Pocket Dial. Fallon is the new Oprah.

The guests

Jennifer Lawrence

J. Law came out to a standing ovation. The two commiserated about their clumsiness. Jimmy has had two mishaps this year that involved falling; one that kept him off The Tonight Show for more than a year. Jennifer Lawrence has fallen multiple times during award shows. That conversation segued into J. Law sharing her most embarrassing story when a fan was being very complimentary. She thought the fan was Elizabeth Taylor who was deceased at the time. Check out the hilarious interview below.

Fallon was able to get Jennifer Lawrence to play along with a sketch similar to bits he’s done with Jon Hamm and Bryan Cranston that involves the two running back and forth from the set to the desk. It’s completely silly and fun. Check it out below.

Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan received a standing ovation as well. He talked about his training to get into shape for his upcoming Rocky sequel Creed and meeting Sylvester Stallone for the first time.